Additional Information on Procurement Process (Internal)

Additional Information on Procurement Process (Internal)

Purchasing Module - 
1. You will raise a Requisition, from this requisition you are able to send to an admin for approval via "Assign to" or "Approve" the Requisition straight away. After approval you can create the Purchase order. The Purchase Order can then be sent to the Supplier.

Different statuses in the Purchasing Section:
Draft - Newly created Purchase orders that have not been finished.
Waiting for approval -  Requisition was sent for approval to an admin and is currently waiting for a decision.
Ready to Order - Has been approved by an admin but the Purchase Order has not been created.

Different features in the Purchasing Section
The right-hand side of the screen - Displays Processed Purchase Orders.
History - Shows historical Processed Purchase Orders.
Oldest -  Orders by oldest creation date. Default is by newest.

Receiving Module - 
2. Receiving - You have received your stock from the suppliers. From the Purchase Order raised, you then raise a "Delivery Receipt" - this confirms to the system you have received the stock you ordered and also increases the SOH levels of your warehouse. 

The Receiving Module groups all purchase orders raised under the supplier - You have the option to select one purchase order from that supplier, or all stock on order from that supplier.  The reasoning behind this is: Stock deliveries often come in pallets and can consist of many purchase orders. This allows you to create one delivery receipt for all the orders which came. 

Delivery Details: Consignment Reference - Enter the delivery receipt reference from your consignment form. 

Different Statuses in Receiving:
Awaiting Orders Ready to Receive - Sent Purchase Orders will appear here. Purchase orders that have not been sent to the supplier yet, will not appear here.
Delivery Being Received -  Delivery Receipts halfway through creation, which did not get finalised.

Different features in the Receiving Section
Search Orders - Allows you to search Purchase Orders (Mostly used to search a purchase order that may have not been sent yet, without having to go back to Purchasing Module).
Search Deliveries - This searches completed Delivery Receipts.  

The Purchase Order stays at this step - The delivery receipt is then referred to, to create the supplier invoice. This is because a delivery receipt could contain one or more purchase orders, therefore the supplier invoice raised from the delivery receipt needs all necessary items to populate to apply to the supplier invoice.

Supplier Invoicing:
3. Supplier Invoicing -  You have received your stock. Your warehouse has been updated with the SOH counts. Now we need to raise a supplier invoice to push to our financials for internal reconciliation. 

Delivery Receipts are grouped together by Supplier -  You have the option to raise a Supplier invoice by all delivery receipts from that supplier or by a singular delivery receipt. 

Invoice Reference - This is the reference from the bill sent from the supplier. (This is the reference that can cause duplication issues, it is important to use the Suppliers invoice reference or a unique reference) 

Different Statuses in Supplier Invoicing:
Deliveries Ready to Invoice From ... Supplier - Completed Delivery Receipts which have not had a supplier invoice created from. 
Draft Invoice -  Invoices which have not been completed yet.

Different features in Supplier Invoicing:
Search Invoices - This will only show Purchase Invoices/Supplier Invoices raised from a delivery receipt. These Purchase Invoices/Supplier Invoices have been billed and sent to Synkd. 
Search Deliveries - Shows Delivery Receipts - Billed = Supplier Invoice has been made and sent to Synkd. Complete - Delivery Receipt is complete but a Supplier invoice has not been created. This section is so you can see the status of your completed delivery receipts without having to go back to "Receiving". 
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