How to Create a Product Class

How to Create a Product Class

How to Create a Product Class

Product Classes are used to dictate how products will post to the financial system.

Natural Posting:  An item in Synkd will be 1 for 1 in the financial system, any item you add or edit in Synkd will update in the financial system
Departmental Posting: Multiple items in Synkd are allocated into a product group in the financial system which will aggregate revenue totals for those items.

To create a Product Class;

1.  Navigate to the side menu and go to Products > Classes

2.  Select 'New Inventory Class'

3. Give the class a 'Name' and 'Description'

4. Inventory Classes behave in 3 different ways
      a. Do not post these items” = All transactions with these items will require resolving in the Transaction Queue.
      b. Post products directly into my financials” = This will post Products Naturally to your financial system.
      c. (The most popular method)  Post product using a departmental item” = This will assign all products in this class to a specific item broken down by shop or service sales for tracking purposes

5. Once posting behaviour is chosen, you can choose where these products can be sold.
      a. Sold in POS (Retail)
      b. Sold in Service
      c. Sold in Web

6. Save and Close.

Please view the instructional video below for easy reference.

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