How to Import your Opening Balance

How to Import your Opening Balance

How to Import your Opening Balance

To begin your warehouses opening balance you MUST have the following;

1. You must have the Warehousing and Purchasing Modules activated 

2. Departmental Posting: To properly use SpendaStock you will need to be posting inventory departmentally. Direct inventory posting is not supported with warehousing.

3. Cost Price: All tracked items will need a cost price ex GST.

4. Non-tracked items: Some items you can not track within Synkd/Spenda. Such items include freight, fees, labour, drum deposits, etc.

5. Non-tracked class: Any non-tracked or GST free items will need to be assigned to a separate inventory class than the tracked items.

Cirralto Support will provide an "Opening Balance Count Sheet" that contains all your tracked inventory. When you perform your stocktake you will easily be able to use the barcode scanner to update the count sheet.

---See "How to Perform a Stocktake in Synkd" for more information.---

Once the stocktake is complete you can begin to upload the CSV provided by Spenda Support into Synkd.

1. Open and log into Synkd

2. Use the side menu and navigate to "Inventory Management" and select Warehouses.

3. Now choose your desired warehouse to import the opening balance into.

4. Next, select the opening balance button.

5. You will now be navigated to the Stocktake menu. You will see three main objects within this menu

      a. Import .CSV and cancel stocktake buttons

      b. Stocktake details including warehouse name, stocktake type, stocktake name, date created and current status.

      c. Inventory approval area

6. Begin by selecting Import .CSV and upload your opening balance CSV

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not open and save the CSV. If barcodes are saved within the CSV they will be converted to scientific format and destroy the barcode. If changes need to be made to the opening balance sheet, please contact Cirralto Support.

7. Once uploaded inventory will land in two out of the three data areas. Either Requires attention or ready for approval.

      a. Requires attention means Synkd could not approve the items. This could be due to new items or duplicate items.

      b. Ready for approval is the area where Synkd was able to approve the products by default. They now require a human to approve the products and counts as well.

8. Once the counts have been approved by Synkd and yourself, they will populate the approved tab. This will give you one last chance to check your stocktake. If you approve of the results select Approve. If you wish to cancel and recount select Cancel Stocktake.

9. Once approved you will be given a snapshot of your total inventory and inventory cost. You can use the snapshot button to take a .jpg of the results.

10. Once you select approve your stocktake is now finalised and can not be undone. SOH counts will now be affected by Spenda sales, service jobs and receiving inventory in Spenda.

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