How to Park/Hold a Sale and View "Recent Sales"

How to Park/Hold a Sale and View "Recent Sales"

How to Park/Hold a Sale and View "Recent Sales"

Whilst in the SpendaPOS module, you can "Park a Sale" and view "Recent Sales"

How to "Park a Sale"
  1. Allows you to Park/Hold the current sale and keep it attached to a reference number.
  2. Holds customer and any Items and prices you may have entered.
  3. This will also allow you to complete another transaction and retrieve the sale at a later time but selecting "Held Sales".
in a environment where more then 1 POS terminal is setup, "Park a Sale" will allow you to hold the sale on 1 terminal and retrieve it on another terminal.

How to view "Recent Sales"
      A. Allows you to view the past 20 sales processed.
      B. If you would like to view more transactions navigate to the "History" menu

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