How to Perform a Stocktake in Synkd

How to Perform a Stocktake in Synkd

How to Perform a Stocktake in Synkd

You will be provided with a Warehouse Sheet Validation Import Tool by Cirralto Support.  It will be prefilled with all your tracked inventory from Synkd.  This sheet will allow you to add missing barcodes, UOM, SOH counts, carton item code, the number of items in a carton, carton UOM, min/max levels and the default supplier.

There are some basic rules to use with the sheet to help prevent corruption of your import.

Below are rules you should follow when performing a stock take.

  1. Start by scanning a product in the barcode column.  This will bring up the products SKU, Description and Barcode in the mandatory fields.
  2. If the product does not have a barcode on the file you search for the product by its description.  This can be typed or by using the dropdown function in the sheet.
  3. Once the product is added to the sheet you will need to add the items unit of measure (UOM), counted Qty, and min/max levels.
  4. Leave the stock location name column blank, to allow products to be assigned to default-def location.
  5. Adding carton item code, the number of items in a carton, carton UOM and default supplier are recommended but are not mandatory.

If you have any products that need to be counted but are not included in your current inventory data.  You will need to add them to the NEW ITEMS sheet and not the Synkd Data Validation sheet.  Cirralto support will then add the products to Synkd before the opening balance import.

Once all stock counts are completed you can then follow the How to Import Your Opening Balance article.

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