How to Run a Batch Invoice

How to Run a Batch Invoice

How to Run a Batch Invoice

Upon completion and approval of a service job, the daily system schedule within Synkd, will import the service job and apply the required Customer Class behaviour.

The service job will not be shown within the Transaction Queue, but instead, will accumulate within the 'Batch Billing' menu until the batch has been run.

Let's go through a typical process of sending End Of Month (EOM) Invoices;

1.  In Synkd, navigate to the 'Batch Billing' menu
2. Select 'Get Data' in which the System will pull in any new service jobs from the Service Management platform.
3. Before running the batch, it is mandatory that you check the Transaction queue for any service job that need to be "Resolved".

If an invoice has not been "Resolved" and the Invoice Batch is run, that service job will not be included and the batch can't be reversed

4. Once all service jobs have been "Resolved" any service jobs part of the Batch Billing Class, will moved to the Batch Billing Menu, and will not appear in "Ready to Post" tab.
5. Navigate to 'Batch Billing' menu and select the required "Bill Jobs To:" date.

For Instance - selecting a date of 31/01/2019 would only include invoices completed up to 31/01/2019 to be batched, and will disregard any invoice(s) after that date.

6. Select Run on the Batch invoice class and allow the System to run the process. Depending on the amount of invoices it may take several minutes until the confirmation window is displayed.
7. Select "View" which will open the Transaction Queue,
8. Select "Post All" to push the Batch Invoices to the Financial System.
9. Open your Financial System, select invoices and either Email or Print as required.

If you would like to enquire on enabling Batch Billing on your account, please email Sales or call 1300 682 108.

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