How to view your credit limit for Buy now-Pay later

How to view your credit limit for Buy now-Pay later

Step 1. Select the "Bills" Section (1) of MySpenda to see your invoices and credit limit for the Business seen in the top left as "Spenda Invigo Pay Later" (if you are not on the correct Business, please select the top left corner "MySpenda" Logo, and select "Spenda Invigo Pay Later").

Step 2. The Credit Limit for your account for Buy now-Pay later  is seen in (2) "Limit", the amount owing is seen in (3) "Unpaid" and the available credit is seen in (4) "Available" 

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      Step 1. If your current credit limit (1) is insufficient for your business, please contact support at *In the email please outline the Credit limit you would like to have.*
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