Integrated EFT Troubleshooting

Integrated EFT Troubleshooting

Here is a PDF from First Data on the Ingenico terminals, there is some useful information on here. *Some information may differ due to the integration mode of the terminal*:

Here is a KB article on the Ingenico Move 5000 Function List:

As a general rule: 
Ask the client to ensure that the PORT number is: 4643 (On the iPad, In spenda Settings) and that the IP matches both the terminal and Ipad settings. This link explains the process of checking the IP and PORT number.

Below are the common EFT errors an integrated EFT client may run into:

1. (Displayed on Ipad) - "Not getting a response from your terminal":
- This is generally a connection issue. Possible a small downturn on the client's internet occurred and now the EFT device is unable to reconnect itself. Tends to happen when clients have bad internet setups and connections.

Prefix - Ensure that the client's WIFI is on and the WIFI symbol the EFT device is green. If it isn't wifi may need reconnecting. If this is the case refer to:

Common Fix: Reboot the EFT device and force a login.
1. Power off - Remove the terminal from its base and any power source. Press and hold the Func and yellow Clear keys together. Wait for the EFT device to power off. 
2. Power on - Press the green Enter key on the keypad. Replace the EFT device back onto its base or power source.
3. Force a login - Menu - Option two - Option two.
4. Have the client attempt a test transaction to ensure it is working again.
*If it is still giving the same error, there could be some possible conflicts with their Modem/Internet Setup*

Alternative methods if the first didn't work:
1. Go into the iPad settings > Wifi > Select your connected network by click the blue "i" icon > Turn off "Private Address". - This should allow the EFT device to become discoverable by the iPad. 
2.  If the EFT device is using a 5g Wifi network. Reconnect the network to a 2.4g network. You will need to go through the setting up WIFI steps again on EFT and Ipad. Ensuring that DHCP is on, to pull in the new IP address and then turning DHCP off again once new IP is pulled into the EFT device. Update Spenda settings with new IP address, and conect iPad to same Wifi network. Force close Spenda > Reset Terminal > Reopen Spenda > test transaction.

2. (Displayed on EFT terminal) - "Data integrity Violation":
This generally refers to when the EFT device is associated with a past POS shift. 

Common Fix: 
1. Have the client close their current POS Shift.
2. Force close Spenda down.
3. Reboot EFT Device.
4. Open a new shift.
5. Do a test transaction.

If the error still persists, there is most likely a payment which the EFT device is attempting to process, which is associated with a past shift. You will need to find this payment and request a data fix for the status to be set as failed. This will require you to bring it up in Live Issues.

3Incorrect Eftpos Device Connected. 
- Generally refers to an incorrect IP address between the EFT device and the SpendaPOS app settings. Also ensure that DHCP is turned off, as this was most likely caused by a disruption in the network which caused the IP address to change. Turning DHCP off will fix this. To turn DHCP off refer to:

Common Fix:
1. On the EFT device press Func > 100 enter > advanced > default ip configuration (Keep on this screen).
2. Navigate to Ipad settings > Spenda section > terminal IP> Does this IP match the IP on the EFT terminal? If not change it on the Ipad to match.
3. Force close Spenda and log back in.

Once this error is fixed, it tends to lead to "Data Integrity Violation" Error.

4. Payment in Progress.
- This tends to happen when a payment is put through the EFT device, however, the payment gets stuck in "Inprogress" status. This will usually be the invoice/sales order the client is currently on, as they would believe the payment failed, and reattempt to put the payment through, however, they're met with this error and can no longer proceed.

Common Fix:
1. Find out the Invoice/Sales Order number. Log onto their Synkd account and search for the Invoice/Sales Order. Find the payment associated and confirm the status "Inprogress".
2. Raise this issue in Live Issues. 
3. Raise a data fix to change the status of said payment to "Failed".
4. Have the client reboot their EFT device. 
5. Have the client try the payment again.

5. Delete a Wifi Network.
During your attempt to fix general issues with the EFT device, you may be required to change the wireless to a different network. In order to do this, you may be required to remove the existing network from the EFT device. 

To do this follow:
1. Func 100.
2. Ip Configs.
3. My Networks.
4. Go inside the network.
5. Delete all networks. 

6. Moving a setup EFT device to a new Ipad Terminal
A customers terminal hardware may fail, which will require them to move their EFT device to a new terminal.

To do this you a required to follow the necessary steps:
1. Close the current shift on the new Ipad.
2. Select Func + CLEAR on the EFT device (If on a dock it will do a reset, If taken off the dock it will shutdown and then once shut down select the green button to turn it on)
3. Force close Spenda app on the new device
4. Go to iPad settings and update the EFTPOS settings as per normal.
5. Log in to Spenda.
6. Ensure the POS shift is already closed, if not close the current shift and reopen a new one.
7. Create a sale and pay by the EFT payment method. 
~Additional Information - if the first transaction fails.~
8. Upon first payment selection the connection may fail as it is establishing the first connection, wait 5-10 seconds and try again.
IF Spenda keeps saying retry.
 9. Close the shift
10. Reset the eft device as per step 2
11. Open shift and try again
Basically rule of thumb reset the device 1 or 2 times before trying to connect to the new iPad

IF the old Ipad device is still in use and the customer just required the EFT to change location/terminal. Please remove the EFT settings within the Spenda Settings area to avoid conflict. 

7. "Downloading DCC Files DCC rate ...%" - Download Progress been stuck for greater than 10 minutes.
To fix:
1. You will need to perform an EFT reboot.
2. Take the EFT Device off the cradle.
3. Hold FUNC & Clear til it powers off.
4. Put back on cradle.
5. Hold ENTER til it powers on.
6. Wait and confirm it returns to main screen.

IF you find yourself dealing with an error that is not present please take notes of the error, where it is displayed and what steps you have taken to fix it, so that we can add it to this KB article.

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