Overview of the Retrn'd Dashboard

Overview of the Retrn'd Dashboard

Overview of the Retrn'd Dashboard​

On the dashboard of the Retrn'd application, you will be able to access the following menus:
  1. New
    1. Customer invitations
  2. Manage
    1. Active Returns
    2. Activities
    3. Customers
  3. History
    1. Returns
  4. Configuration
    1. Returns Reasons

  1. Customer Invitation
    1. This is where you will be able to add new records to your Customer list. Once a customer has been invited, they will be sent a link to register with their own Claim'd application account.

  1. Active Returns
    1. Create a new claim, or view, edit, and process any currently open Returns. Includes Returns created by you and/or your linked customers.

  1. Activities
    1. Approve or reject any customers that have requested a link to your account.

  1. Customers
    1. Review and edit customers currently in your customer list.

  1. Returns
    1. Export a report of all returns for a specific date range.

  1. Returns Reasons
    1. Edit the potential reasons for returns to be raised, including sub-reasons if needed.

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