Transaction Queue Screen Overview

Transaction Queue Screen Overview

Transaction Queue Screen Overview

The Transaction Queue Screen is broken into 3 main parts, 
  1. Requires Attention
  2. Ready to Post
  3. Posted
Requires Attention: This menu should part of a daily routine to be checked.
A. Invoices will be shown in this screen when the system does not know what action to take next with customer(s) or product(s),
B. Errors will appear in red, when hovered over, will provide a reason for the error.
C. By selecting the "Resolve" button and following the prompts. Invoice will be moved to the "Ready to Post" tab

Ready to Post: This tab will show case invoices which have been created, in both Service Management or POS, ready to sync.
A. At this point, the system will already know the posting behaviour to the Financial system.
B. Synkd will hold these invoices until the daily system schedule runs, however, you can prompt the system to push invoice prior the schedule by selecting "Post All".

Posted: All Invoices that have successfully sync to the Financial System will be displayed in this tab
A. Using the search & date filter will allow staff that do not have access to the financial System, search Invoices and Credit Notes.

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