How To Raise Requisitions and Purchase Orders in Spenda

How To Raise Requisitions and Purchase Orders in Spenda

How To Raise Requisitions and Purchase Orders in Spenda

To use purchasing within Spenda, your Synkd account must have the SpendaBUY module activated


To raise a Requisition and a Purchase Order,

  1. Open Spenda and select SpendaBuy
  2. Select "Create a New Purchase"
  3. The Purchase Details screen will appear and ask for a reason or title of the requisition.
  4. You can then update the "order date", "required date", "warehouse" (if you have more than one) and "delivery method".  When ready select save and close.
  5. Next, you can search, select or scan items you are requesting to order in. 
  6. When you have added all desired products you can then assign them to a supplier by selecting the products.  Then press suppliers and choose or create your desired supplier.
  7. Once all products have been assigned to a supplier you can then assign requisition to a business admin.

Requisitions will only be able to be approved and converted to a purchase order by a business admin.

Purchase Orders

To Approve and Create a Purchase order follow the below steps;
  1. As an admin, log into Spenda app and navigate to "SpendaBUY"
  2. You will now see a count for Purchases Requiring Approval
  3. Next, you will be able to adjust any items, order amounts and desired supplier.
  4. When you are happy with the requisition, select all products and press "approved".
  5. Next, select the different suppliers you wish to raise purchase orders for and select "create orders".
  6. You will now be taken to the Purchase Ordering menu.  Select the "order" you wish to send.
  7. Make sure the "Bill To" and "Ship to" information is correct.  you can also add "internal notes" and "delivery notes".
  8. When ready press send
  9. You will then see a popup with the supplier's email.  Verify the email is correct and press send.
  10. This will send the purchase order to the supplier and also send a copy of the order to your email as well.
When the order arrives in store you can then follow the How to Receive Purchase Orders article.

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