Resolving Data in the Transaction Queue

Resolving Data in the Transaction Queue

Resolving Data in the Transaction Queue

For further information about the Transaction Queue, please see Transaction Queue Screen Overview

Items that require attention
Invoices/transactions pulled in by Synkd will alert you in the "Requires Attention" tab in the Transaction Queue.

There are 3 main scenarios which may occur;

1. Confirm financial posting behaviour 
The Operational customer for the invoice/transaction has either not been linked to an Account Customer OR the Account Customer has not been setup with a Customer Class. Selecting "Resolve" will let you make the changes and when completed the invoice will located in the "Ready to Post" tab.

2. Invalid line(s)
This is an item which Synkd has a problem with posting to the Financial System. This item could be;
      a. A free text line from the Service Management Platform
      b. Pre-existing item that was not classed during the implementation stage. By Selecting "Resolve" will allow you to determine which Product Class it should be allocated too.

3. Invoice Error
invoice/transaction will contain a red status, once hovered over it will reveal a description of the error.
Some errors include;

A. "Customer is archived in the Financial System"
B.  "Insufficient stock in MYOB to fulfill this invoice. Line number 1."
C.  "Payment required for generic posting"

Please contact us if the error is not clear or you would like some assistance on how to resolve.

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