How to set up your products for Automatic SOH suggestions

How to set up your products for Automatic SOH suggestions

The following prerequisites are required to be able to use the Automatic Purchasing Suggestions feature.
  1. Products must exist within your warehouse.
  2. Products must have an opening balance in your warehouse.
  3. Products must have a MIN/MAX value set on them.
  4. Products must have "I track SOH" and "I purchase this product".
1. For a product to be considered within your warehouse, one of these situations would have had to occur:
  1. Created an opening balance for your warehouse which involved the product in question.
  2. Previously purchased the product via the Spenda Purchasing module.
  3. Have performed a stock adjustment, and added the product into the warehouse.
2. An opening balance would have been performed, if point 1 requirements have been met. 

3. A min/max value would have been set at your opening balance, if you do not remember specifying this then a default value was set for you.  

4. The "I track SOH" and "I purchase this product" can be found in product details within Synkd or product details within Spenda’s Point of Sale. 

Setting up your MIN/MAX values

If you would like to edit a product’s MIN/MAX values, you will need to perform a stock adjustment.

To do this, complete the following steps:
  1. Log into Synkd and click on "Warehouses". From here, click on your warehouse and select "Stocktake Adjustment".

  2. Once your stock adjustment page has loaded, you can search the required products you need to edit and add them to your stock adjustment. In the section "Counted QTY", enter the same QTY that is in "Expected QTY" ( this is because we are only editing the MIN/MAX level, and we do not want the SOH counts for these products to be reduced to 0). Now in the MIN/MAX section, add the values you wish (MIN = once the stock goes below this level, it will be suggested to you in Purchasing. MAX = MAX minus current SOH level is the QTY that will be automatically suggested to order). Once you're done adding your MIN/MAX values, click "Save all" and "Approve All" and click on the "Approved" tab.

  3. Once on the approved tab > Click "Finalise Stocktake".

  4. Now select the date this occurred and lastly click on "Finalise". 

  5. Congratulations, you’re all done!

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