Spenda/Synkd user management

Spenda/Synkd user management

To view and alter settings for your Spenda users, first navigate to:


Enter your usual Synkd/Spenda login details.

Navigate to the top right corner of the page, select your user icon, then select User Management.

From here you can view all users who have been given access to Spenda/Synkd, and their respective access levels. Our Spenda Support team user access will be listed at the bottom (Please note: you will not be able to edit these users).

To view more detailed information, or make changes to your users, simply click on the desired user, make the required changes, then click Save & Close.

2 Step Authentication can be enforced for all users through the User Management page, as well as creating a new user.

Please contact the Spenda Support team if you have any questions or wish to delete a user.

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