Water Link Connect 2 - Troubleshooting

Water Link Connect 2 - Troubleshooting

WaterLink Connect 2

There are a number of issues with the latest release of WaterLink Connect. We are working with LaMotte to resolve and will keep you updated.
In the meantime, we have provided an installation guide, user guide and troubleshooting guide. Please read, as the instructions have changed.

Installation guide

If you have not done so already, please install WaterLink Connect 2.
⦁ Uninstall WaterLink Connect
⦁ Uninstall Pooltrackr Connect
⦁ Download and install WaterLink Connect 2 (⦁ Use this link)
⦁ Open WaterLlink Connect 2, plug in your Spin and update the firmware

User guide

You no longer need to have WaterLink Connect open to do a test, it is all done within the browser.
⦁ Go to Pooltrackr Lab and open a pool as you usually would to do a test
⦁ Click the WaterLink Connect 2 button, next to the Test Water button)
⦁ Select the sample type and the disk
⦁ Start the test

Troubleshooting guide

Issue Solution -

WaterLink Connect button greyed out ⦁ Click start, search for “Services” and open “Services”. Find WaterLink Connect in the list and press “Restart the service”
If this doesn’t work, check the following:
⦁ Ensure WaterLink Connect 2 is installed (see above)
⦁ Ensure WaterLink Connect 2 is up to date
⦁ Ensure Chrome is up to date (⦁ see here)
⦁ Ensure Windows is up to date (⦁ see here)
Continually having to restart the service ⦁ Go to services
⦁ Click properties
⦁ Click “Recovery” tab
⦁ Setup as below

Only some results not importing / going into the wrong fields ⦁ Open WaterLink Connect and update the firmware.
If you are unable to resolve using the above, please contact us.

Troubleshotting from LaMotte Support


            I understand that the WaterLink Connect 2 button on Pool Trackr was greyed out and you weren’t able to run a water test using your Spin Touch.

            I hit the Refresh button of your Google Chrome and then the Waterlink Connect 2 Button is enabled.


            With regards to your Spin Touch SN 06004-2018, it is able to communicate with your computer.

            We have checked its calibration and confirmed that all channels are in range.

            We also ran few tests using WLC2 interface and all test factors are displayed.


            Also, there are no Event Viewer error logs related to WLC2 Service.






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