Why Does Xero Keep Disconnecting

Why Does Xero Keep Disconnecting

Why Does Xero Keep Disconnecting

The Reason

From time to time you may notice that your Xero adapter has disconnected.  This can happen for a few reasons.  The most common reason is due to the Xero login being used more than once.

Xero gives each log in a unique key to be used when logging into Xero.  The key can only be used on one site at a time.   When you Xero adapter logs into Xero from Synkd it will need to use this key.  This means if you use the same login on another site or even Xero.com directly.  The key will be taken from Synkd, disconnecting it, and given to the other site.  

How Do I Fix It

When connecting Xero to Synkd, it is recommended to use a unique email address as a login.  This can be a completely different email address or your email with the + symbol added to it.

Some email providers will allow you to use the + symbol to make a unique login but still have all email go to the same inbox. For instance, the email support@cirralto.com.au and support+synkd@cirralto.com.au will be viewed as two different logins but emails sent to both addresses will go into the same inbox.  To test to see if your email provider allows this you can send an email to your email with a + added to it.  If the email appears in your inbox then your email provider will allow this.  Some noted email providers that do allow this function is Gmail and Gsuite.

If your email provider supports it, we recommend making an email address with the following format youremail+synkd@youremail.com.  This will allow you to have two unique logins but maintain one email account and inbox.  If your email provider does not support the + symbol,  you will then need to create a new email address.  We recommend the format yourcomapanysynkd@gmail.com.
Note: You can continue to use your standard Xero login. However, this will cause Synkd to disconnect often.
Once you have your unique login setup for Synkd, you can add it to Xero as a user.  When ready you can follow the How To Reconnect Your Financial Adapter.

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