How to send an order to the packing stage

How to send an order to the packing stage

To begin the packing process, an order must have already proceeded through the picking stage. See more on how to pick an order here.  

On your packing screen, select the packaging type using the drop down and enter the quantity of each line of stock to be packaged. Click the ‘Pack’ button to add the selected stock into the chosen packaging. Continue this until all lines have been packaged. 

If you need to update existing packaging sizes, or add new ones, simply click the ‘Select Package Type’ dropdown, and click either the pencil edit icon or ‘Add New Package’. Give your shipping box a recognisable name and enter the height, width, length, and max weight. 

All packaging details will be shown at the bottom of the screen. If you have remaining stock or wish to add any to existing packages, select the lines, enter the quantity, and click the In Existing Box’ button, found under the select packaging type dropdown. 

Once all stock has been packaged, select the ‘Ready to Ship’ button at the top right of your screen. 

Your customer will automatically receive an invoice for all packaged stock, unless already done. 

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